Dart changelog
Dart changelog


  1. Launched a new website!
    1. Totally redesigned
    2. Much nicer, more on brand, with better and more accessible information
  2. Header and filter improvements
    1. Dropdown for options
    2. When a column is sorted, you can see and modify that directly
    3. When a column is filtered, you can see and modify that directly
    4. The overall appearance is improved
  3. Dartboard editing
    1. Made updating a dartboard easier and more accessible through either the left nav or through its title at the top
    2. Double-click to start editing the title or the description of a dartboard
  4. Set up a help center
    1. Check it out to learn more about how to use Dart to the fullest
  5. Quick capture redesign
    1. On any dartboard, it is even easier and more intuitive to quickly write down your tasks
    2. No more confusing + and save buttons
  6. Improved load times with better compression
  7. Dropdown overhaul
    1. Clicking elsewhere on the screen closes dropdowns and doesn’t do anything else
    2. Dropdowns in the left nav come out of it now
    3. Dropdowns come out of grid areas and are managed much better
    4. They are more responsive to scrolling
    5. The secondary dropdown while editing tags is much nicer
  8. Improvements
    1. Subtask creation speedup
    2. Keyboard shortcut to add subtasks (press L with a task selected)
    3. Keyboard shortcut to add attachments (press N)
    4. You can now filter by dartboard
    5. Help center links
    6. Improved some styling on the dark mode command center
    7. Changed Todo to To-do
    8. Added a chip for non-subtask relationships with summary on hover
    9. Turned some notifications off by default
    10. Updated tutorial tasks
  9. Bugfixes
    1. Fixed making an unassigned task with slack
    2. Fixed a few bugs with dartboard renaming
    3. Changed the priority sort order to be in line with the expected order rather than alphabetical
    4. Prevented duplicate tag creation


  1. Notion integration!
    1. Go to 'Settings > Notion' or open the command center with /Ctrl+K and type ‘Notion’ to configure the connection
    2. Then, grab any Notion link and, in Dart, click the Notion button in the top right of any task
    3. After you paste the link, you’ll see your Notion doc in Dart!
    4. Great for project specs, PRDs, or Notion tasks you want to track in Dart
  2. Slack integration
    1. Go to ‘Settings > Slack’ or set everything up
    2. Then, type /dart [task] to make a task without ever leaving Slack!
    3. Or, click the three dots at the right of any message and search for Dart to find more options
  3. Subtasks!
    1. Hit the subtask button in the top right of any task to get started!
    2. Or click the three dots in the top right of a task to give your task a parent
    3. Once you have some subtasks, you can add more with the + button
  4. My tasks view
    1. New view in the top left
    2. See only your personal tasks, assigned to you across all Dartboards
  5. Task creation window
    1. Typing C on almost any page, or clicking the ‘New task’ button in the top left, will open a task creation window
    2. Add all of the details up front, and make a bunch of tasks at once!
    3. Leave your task as a draft if you like
    4. Shift+C, or clicking in the quick entry box, or hitting enter while typing any task, will still allow you to make tasks quickly
  6. Blockers
    1. Mark tasks as blocked by or blocking other tasks
    2. Click the three dots in the top right to set these links
  7. Other task relationships
    1. Identify duplicates or other task relationships
    2. Click the three dots in the top right to set these links
  8. Links
    1. Make any and every link a beautiful, expanded, clickable button in your tasks!
    2. Click the three dots in the top right and choose ‘Add link’
  9. Slack notifications
    1. In settings, set up your Slack integration
    2. Then, configure your notification settings as well
    3. Never miss a critical update again!
  10. Cycle descriptions
    1. Great for weekly targets, goals, and metrics—or just to describe a custom Dartboard in more detail!
    2. Click the pencil icon in the top area, to the right of the dartboard title, to get started
  11. Improvements
    1. Invite teammates link easily accessible in the bottom left
    2. Improved specificity on text on show vs hide filters
    3. Improved specificity on text for toggling views to what it will show
    4. Now the archive is hidden when there are no archived cycles
    5. Ctrl+click is now equivalent to right click in list views
    6. Updated board and list view icons
    7. Updated GitHub icons and colors
    8. Removed snooze button from main list view
    9. Added ‘Clear filters’ button in filter area
    10. Some tooltips will stay open when you click them so you can read them better
    11. Added some padding to some tooltips
    12. Removed extra and confusing information in the command center
    13. Updated cursor appearance for some disabled options
  12. Bugfixes
    1. Fixed a typo in the cycle rollover modal
    2. Fixed duplicate task, which was broken
    3. Fixed copy link, which was broken
    4. Removed an extra tooltip on the Trash
    5. Removed cycle descriptions in Trash and Search
    6. Fixed relative icons in links which would not render
    7. Fixed a bug where one failed icon in links would remove all of them
    8. Cleaned up tag change animation in detail view
    9. Fixed leading on summary statistic number and toggles in settings
    10. Fixed vertical alignment of (?) next to cycles


  1. GitHub integration
    1. Get linked back to your Dart task when you post a PR
    2. Changed in GitHub will automatically update your Dart tasks as needed!
    3. Get started in Settings > GitHub, and set up the details there
    4. Once configured, copy a task’s branch name with ‘B’ or by using the branch icon in the tasks’s detail view
  2. Filtering overhaul
    1. Toggle the new filters on through the switch in the top right
    2. Improved designs throughout, made them easier to understand
    3. Enabled sorting in board view!
    4. Now you can see which filters are active at a glance
    5. Added more types of filters and more ways to combine them for more powerful options
  3. Priority column
    1. Go to Settings > Workspace to enable priorities
    2. The new field will appear everywhere you need it
    3. You can set, filter, sort, and more!
    4. Access priority shortcuts generally with P or in specific with /Alt+1-4
  4. Notifications
    1. Now, never miss an important update in Dart
    2. When your teammates make changes, you’ll get an email with all of the details and quick links back to the task
    3. By default, Dart sends just enough messages to ensure you never miss an important update without sending too many
    4. But if you want to add more or turn some off, go to Settings > Notifications
  5. Shared dartboards
    1. Great for subteams and private but shared tasks
    2. Added Shared in addition to Team-wide and Personal boards
    3. On any preexisting dartboard, go into the configuration menu and manage permissions from there
  6. Detail panel header redesign
    1. Open the detail panel (click or press Space on any task)
    2. Above the title, you will see a set of quick icons for all sorts of common and exciting actions to do with the task
    3. Hover over a button to learn what it does
  7. New size column (some tools call these story points or estimates)
    1. Go to Settings > Workspace to enable sizes
    2. The new field will appear everywhere you need it
    3. You can set, filter, sort, and more!
    4. Access size shortcuts with I
  8. Little stuff
    1. Polish status delete message
    2. Make sure / in status and dartboard dropdowns work properly
    3. Order dartboards when browsing in command center
    4. New shortcut /Alt+D to move to any dartboard
    5. "me" as alias for self in search
    6. Added confirmation dialog on cycle rollover and dartboard delete
    7. (?) next to cycles that describes them
    8. Rename feed to activity
    9. Rearrange shuffle and swap assignee icons
    10. Improve cursor behavior in the dropdown tag right area
    11. Update direction close tooltip for esc
    12. Sort colors by darkness to make them easier to find
  9. Bugfixes
    1. Hide adding new filters for hidden columns
    2. Error on copy branch link
    3. Some errors on migration to notifications
    4. Fix due at chip border color
  10. Fleshed out new onboarding processes
    1. Not relevant for existing users, but important as your team expands!
    2. Added new tutorial tasks
    3. Onboarding emails


  1. Custom statuses!
    1. Now you can add In review, Won’t do, Awaiting deployment, or whatever else you like!
    2. Can also update colors
    3. Added status descriptions
    4. Set up new workflows page in settings that allows you to configure them
    5. Change any status with S or hit F to finish
    6. Use 1-5 to rotate through your configured statuses
  2. Enabled multiple assignment
    1. Now you can assign a task to multiple people, and it will show up for both of them!
    2. Turn this feature on in settings
    3. In the assignee dropdown, you will see a button that allows you to swap that person in rather than adding them
  3. It’s come time for due dates!
    1. Now you can set a date that a given task is due
    2. Turn this column on in settings
    3. The date will change color as it comes due and then becomes overdue
  4. Improved app startup times
    1. Made lots of backend improvements to database and application
    2. Made lots of frontend improvements too, in particular to do with icon bundling
  5. Duplicate your tasks
    1. In the extra features menu of a given task
  6. Added color picker in status and custom dartboard
    1. Now you don’t have to randomize
  7. Views are saved as long as you are logged in
    1. Saves whether you prefer board or list view
    2. Saves filters, sorts, and stats
    3. Saves per dartboard
  8. Added shortcuts
    1. Manage multiple assignment with A then A to add assignees and A then R to remove them
    2. Update due dates with R
    3. New status shortcuts are described above
    4. Go to any dartboard with G then D
    5. Toggle view between list and board with V
    6. Copy git branch with B
    7. Now, open any settings page by typing anything about it in the command center
    8. Switched snooze and due dates to use the command center
    9. Can go to the landing page, changelog, and status in command center
  9. Board view improvements
    1. Add new tasks right from the board now
    2. Can filter from this view too!
    3. Improved task dragging visuals and dynamics
  10. Added nice animations
    1. Assignees
    2. Tags
    3. Filters
  11. Improvements
    1. Sorted tags by length and then alphabetically
    2. Made sure to always scroll to new task when added
    3. Improved tag multi-select dropdown usability
    4. Standardized more styles
    5. Moved the task detail extra features menu
    6. Enabled dismissing notifications with esc
    7. Improved copy/paste in description
    8. Added copying git branch in extra features menu
    9. Added more convenience options to extra features menu
    10. Standardized tag spacing
    11. Added lots of tooltips with hints
    12. Prevented duplicate tag names
    13. Improved tag display and text breaking
    14. Prevented multiple modals from being open simultaneously
    15. Shrunk ping for update
    16. Got rid of top/bottom rollover with up/down arrows
    17. Moved chips to right of tags in kanban and hide snooze
    18. Enabled up/down arrows in the multi-select dropdown
    19. Improved board view styling
  12. Fixed bugs
    1. Prevented opening assignee shortcuts with no selection
    2. Fixed some styling problems with the title on touchscreens
    3. Made sure description size adjusts to smaller screens
    4. Prevented board views task jumping and flashing
    5. Fixed broken multiple assignees animation
    6. Removed the fullscreen option in extra option in mobile
    7. Fixed comment/update text color too bright compared to all other fields
    8. Restyled back/forward buttons in apps
    9. Fixed problems when a deleted user is still assigned to tasks
    10. Recolored tag slightly
    11. Fixed cycle rollover, which was temporarily broken
    12. Disabled accidental search by ID for tags
    13. Prevented creating empty tasks in middle of list
    14. Fixed wrong file input with multiple visible
    15. Updated attachments
      1. Fixed issue with CORS in downloading
      2. Added more icons to indicate possible actions
      3. Fixed SVG unreliability
      4. Improved open in new tab
    16. Ensured that description undo/redo resets properly
    17. Enabled search by status name/category
    18. Fixed dartboard name edit focus
    19. Fixed tag name editing


  1. Card/kanban view
    1. Toggle over to this new view in the top right
    2. Drag tasks around the board and automatically update their statuses!
  2. Custom dartboards (task lists)!
    1. Make new dartboards for your team with the + button in the left navigation bar
    2. You can make personal dartboards, that only you can see, right below that!
    3. Rename these dartboards however you like
    4. Choose (randomly) from about 1000 icons and all of the existing colors
    5. Delete dartboards that you no longer need; deleted tasks will go to the trash
    1. Comment in the bottom right of any task to begin a conversation about it!
    2. There’s better history information and display in feed as well
  4. Task attachments
    1. Click on the three dots in the top right of a task view
    2. Or, drop attachments directly into a task
    3. Click to download, hover to review the name
  5. Summary statistics
    1. Check out the summary data for any board in the top area next to the title
    2. Click on that data to choose what you see about the tasks
    3. In the kanban view you’ll also see the same data for each column
  6. Import data from additional other tools
    1. Linear
    2. Height
  7. App update notifications
    1. When Dart is ready to upgrade, you’ll notice a button in the bottom right reminding you to grab the latest version
  8. Cycle rollover improvements
    1. Enabled renaming and deleting finished cycles
  9. Undo improvements
    1. Removed extra notifications
    2. Improved tag add and remove undo messages
    3. Enabled undoing reordering and moving between dartboards
    4. Enabled some bulk status changes
  10. Snoozing improvements
    1. Moved unsnooze to bottom right instead of snooze if new time isn't selected yet
    2. Added focus rings to relative options in snoozing modal
    3. Made sure full navigation is possible with keyboard
  11. Cleaned up and standardized icons
  12. Fixed bugs
    1. New tasks no longer auto-close when first opened
    2. Search bar in shortcuts is automatically focused
    3. The description box no longer moves around in certain cases
    4. Reset password and import screens are no longer causing problems
    5. Arrows, tabs, and other keys work better in new task and search
    6. Tutorial tasks could very occasionally not appear in certain views, this is fixed
    7. Safari usage could be a little difficult in a few cases
    8. Snoozing time calculations could be off if you took a long time to select an option
    9. Performance is dramatically improved
    10. Task title layout shift is minimized
    11. Inviting people and downloading apps are available in the command center
    12. After cycle rollover, active board is always accessible
    13. Can move a task up and down more than once
    14. Various styles are improved, including in particular scrollbars and the title area
    15. Notifications are in the bottom left now to stay out of your way as much as possible
    16. Tasks can no longer be dragged in search
    17. Page title always works in login or search


  1. Undo and redo!
    1. Most things you can do on a dartboard, with your mouse or with the keyboard, can now be undone and then redone with /Ctrl+Z and /Ctrl+Shift+Z respectively
    2. This is a feature that most other project management tools simply can’t do—check it out
  2. Task detail view overhaul
    1. Made the detail view much nicer and more aesthetic
    2. All information is now available and modifiable in detail
    3. Reformatted text in description
    4. Check it out by hitting the arrows on any task or hovering and hitting Space
  3. Hints for keyboard shortcuts
    1. Tooltips on buttons and common actions to tell you what they are and how to do them with the keyboard
    2. Perfect to refine your keyboard superpowers
  4. Navigation and selection improvements
    1. Clicking, dragging, selecting, and opening tasks is now way more intuitive
    2. It works much more like other tools you are probably familiar with
    3. Holding Shift or /Ctrl while clicking tasks will probably do what you expect to select tasks
    4. There are so many new keyboard shortcuts to help select tasks that we can’t list them all here; check them out in Dart with ?
    5. Hit esc to leave anywhere you don’t want to be and get back home
    6. Rearranged navigation to make it even more intuitive
    7. Updated spacing and sizing of navigation to be more in line with standard navigation
    8. Updated dropdown styles to be more in line with standard dropdowns
  5. Full screen/focus mode
    1. Hover over a task and hit O for open, or click the three dot menu on a task open in detail to enter focus mode on that task
    2. Get into flow state and crank through your tasks
    3. You can still scroll through tasks with /
  6. Cycle completion
    1. Click the button next to the Dartboards section to complete your current cycle and start a new one!
    2. This is perfect for running your cycles and sprints in Dart—when you’re ready to start the next one, and you have everything planned in next, hit the button
    3. It moves completed tasks out into an archived cycle and brings the next planned tasks into active, freeing next up to plan the next cycle
  7. Redesigned look and feel of settings
    1. Get there with the quite simple G then S
    2. It’s now a nice popup so that you can get in and get out and get back to work
    3. Removed tag configuration from settings in favor of just configuring them in the dartboards
  8. Improvements
    1. Autofocus search when you start searching
    2. Autofocus keyboard shortcut search when you open it with ? or from the menu
    3. Ability to search by any property, including snooze, in search
    4. Delete a task with Delete/Backspace
    5. Unassigned icon
    6. Added back/forward/refresh for native and mobile apps
    7. Added ability to change Dartboard with a dropdown in task views and in search
    8. Added button to jump straight to description, with existing shortcut ;
  9. Bugfixes
    1. Fixed problem where you couldn’t invite only one person at a time in the members page
    2. Fixed spacing and layout in topbar
    3. Enforced tag title uniqueness
    4. Fixed problems with the tag selector’s focus, coloring, sizing, and more
  10. And so much more!

🎯 v3.2

  1. Snoozing!
    1. You can snooze a task that you don’t want to see for a while, or you need to do at a specific date or time in the future
    2. Click the clock icon next to the title of the task or hit H on the task to snooze it
    3. See all of your snoozed tasks with the clock icon in the top right
  2. Create multiple tasks at once with copy/paste
    1. Paste a list into the creation box and multiple tasks will be created
  3. Data import and export
    1. You can import data from other common task trackers in the new Settings > Import page
    2. You can export Dart data as a backup or for analysis in the new Settings > Export page
  4. Notifications
    1. Alerts, and ability to retry, when something fails
    2. Other notifications when updates happen in the app, for example when snoozing or importing
  5. Warning when you have no wifi
    1. Since Dart doesn’t work offline yet, the app will warn you when you’re offline and can’t make changes
  6. New shortcuts
    1. You can now create new tags through the command center when you are adding tags
    2. H to snooze
  7. Redirecting between the application and the public website
    1. If you navigate to the public website at itsdart.com you’ll be automatically redirected to the app so you can get straight to work
    2. If you actually want to see the website, click the notification to go back or click the link in the profile dropdown to go to the website
  8. Onboarding
    1. Improved onboarding task content
    2. New welcome email and workflow that guides you through onboarding
  9. Emails and password improvements
    1. Can invite multiple new members to your workspace at once
    2. Better validation and message when you type these in
    3. New password requirements to ensure greater security
    4. Improve problem with forms moving around when there are errors
  10. Bugfixes
    1. Backlog can be dragged into after toggling it off and on
    2. Drag and drop into different dartboards now works after making window smaller and then larger again
    3. Blue focus rings won’t appear on buttons after you click them, unless you’re navigating with the keyboard
    4. Standardized the look of the new task input vs the dartboard itself
    5. Holding option up/down to move tasks around is more reliable

🎯 v3.1

  1. Add your teammates on your own!
    1. Invite any teammate by email to your Dart workspace on the new members page
    2. They’ll get an email invitation and then you can collaborate together in Dart
    3. Go to the members page with G then M
  2. Search, edit, and make tags straight from a dartboard
    1. Now you can work with your tags straight from your dartboard, without having to go into settings
    2. Just click on the tags area for a task to get started
  3. Trash!
    1. Deleting tasks is as easy as hitting Backspace/Delete, or dragging to the trash dartboard
    2. If you make a mistake you can just go in there and pull the task back out
    3. Items can be permanently deleted from there if you really want
  4. Premium subscriptions
    1. Now you can sign up for premium Dart plans, with extra teammates, features and support!
    2. Check out the plans page if you want or need additional features or support, or if your Dart team is getting big
    3. Go to the billing page with G then I
  5. Big redesign
    1. We’ve been working to make Dart prettier and nicer, with better navigation and UX
    2. All of the navigation is on the lefthand side now
    3. All settings and tools are grouped together
  6. Edit your name or your workspace name
    1. If your name needs to be changed, now you can fix that in the profile settings
    2. If you want to change the name of your workspace, you can do that in the workspace settings
  7. Task sharing
    1. Copy/paste URL to share a given task with your team or record in a document or VCS system
    2. Quick sharing button in the top bar to quickly copy the URL
    3. Or just hit the U key!
  8. Major improvements to the shortcuts menu!
    1. Reminder: access it anywhere with ?
    2. Can search for the specific shortcut you need
    3. Now the page only shows the shortcuts for your system
    4. New section to describe the details of how to use markdown
    5. Layout and design have been seriously improved
  9. New shortcuts
    1. Move tasks up and down with the keyboard
      1. Could always do +↑/↓ on Mac and Alt+↑/↓ on Windows/Linux
      2. Now you can do +K/J on Mac and Alt+K/J on Windows/Linux
    2. Reworked shortcuts within the description editor to match the Google Docs standard
      1. Improvements for various kinds of text formatting in particular
    3. Adding link in description is now /Ctrl+Shift+U
      1. Same as Slack
      2. Frees up ⌘/Ctrl+K to be used for the command center in all cases
    4. M to switch between light and dark mode directly
    5. Deleting (and permanently deleting) a task can be accomplished with delete/backspace
    6. Go to the members page with G then M and go to the the billing page with G then I
  10. Dartboard improvements
    1. Can paste multiple issues into the entry box at once if they’re copied from a list
    2. Option to unassign with dropdown
    3. Changed status switcher from mouseover button to dropdown, current status and possible statuses are much more clear
    4. You can now select a given task even while you are editing its title
    5. Dropdowns go up rather than down when they’re at the bottom of the screen

🎯 v3.0

  1. Real-time collaboration!
    1. No more refreshing
    2. Changes are immediately synced between web, mobile, and with all of your teammates
    3. The description box is the only place where changes are not reflected immediately—just switch to a different task and switch back to see updates!
    4. This also enables teams to run real-time brainstorming or collaboration sessions!
  2. Markdown-style text editing in descriptions
    1. Lots of new keyboard shortcuts for this too!
    2. Check the ? shortcut to see what you can do in descriptions or in general
  3. Images for workspaces and users
    1. Can change these yourself in the Workspace Settings and Profile pages
    2. Users also have colors if they don’t have an image
  4. Loading changes
    1. All loading happens when you first open Dart
    2. No loading between pages any more
    3. New loading animation
  5. Other new keyboard shortcuts
    1. Move tasks between lists with alt/option + list letter
    2. Move tasks up and down with alt/option and arrows!
  6. Resizable task and tag columns
    1. Just drag the border between those two columns
  7. Other small stuff
    1. e.g. when you move a task between two lists it always ends up at the top of the new list
    2. The native Mac app is officially authorized

🎯 v2.2

  1. Dark mode!
    1. By default, will follow the same settings as your system
    2. If you want to override your system settings for Dart in particular, visit the new profile page
  2. Mobile apps are out!
    1. iPhone app here
    2. Android app here
    3. You can also just use your phone browser in a pinch—that experience should also be a lot better
    4. One caveat
      1. Our live syncing still isn’t the best (working on it) so if you end up switching back and forth between your phone and computer a lot you’ll notice that things can be out of date
      2. Refreshing will always help
      3. Best practice is to fully close any Dart apps you’re not using and if you come back to one that has been open for a while, refresh it before you start working
      4. If you have any trouble (or feel like you’ve lost any info!) let us know and we can help
  3. Native apps are also posted on our website
    1. Mac app is also verified so no more sketchy security warnings
    2. Let us know if your platform of choice isn’t available and we can make it happen
    3. Number of small improvements to the native apps, including right click menu
  4. Tons of new keyboard shortcuts
    1. Change task status
    2. Change assignee
    3. Change tag(s) on an issue
    4. Move tasks up/down and between lists
    5. And more!
    6. See the full list with /Ctrl+K or ? from any page
  5. Better password management
    1. Change your password while logged in from the new profile page
    2. If you lose or forget your password you can also reset it from the homepage
  6. Statuses are now represented by icons and can be changed very easily from the homepage